Baltimore’s Fund for Educational Excellence discovered many findings that help support CSFB scholars.

In the Calculated Choices: Equity and Opportunity in Baltimore City Public Schools report, Baltimore’s Fund for Educational Excellence discovered many findings that can, and should, inform CSFB’s work related to the choices that our middle school students have as they move on to high school.

Here are just a few of the numbers from that excellent report. They may surprise you!

77 vs. 15 – The percent of city school graduates from the class of 2015 who enrolled in college from Poly vs. Augusta Fells the fall after high school graduation.

74 vs. 39 – Percentage of high school students from the highest median income neighborhoods attending academic criteria and charter high schools vs. those from the lowest median income neighborhoods.

19 vs. 8 – Number of schools with special academic programming for middle grades students in highest annual median income neighborhoods vs. the lowest.

These numbers reinforce that there is a huge disparity in educational offerings and outcomes in Baltimore City public schools and that lower income families continue to suffer the most.

The long-term impact of this connection between high school choice and college enrollment is significant, since the surest path to the middle class runs through college, specifically a four-year degree. Someone with a bachelor’s degree can expect to earn 84 percent more over a lifetime than someone with only a high school diploma.

Finally, we are very excited that two of our trustees, Jamila Sams and Valerie Grays will be hosting a seminar for our students on the topic of high school choice and how to work towards your best options on November 28, 2017 prior to the time students must make their high school selections in Baltimore City Public Schools or apply to a private high school.

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