CSFB is 20

CSFB is 20! Milestones are important because they give an organization the ability to look back, quantify successes and consider change for the future.

Looking back on the past 20 years, we celebrate:

  • 7,648 students served
  • 14,233,192 dollars of tuition assistance paid directly to schools in Baltimore
  • 97 percent of our 8th-grade graduates who go on to graduate from high school
  • 84 percent of our students who attend college
  • 78 schools our students have attended
  • 9 categories of affiliation – Catholic, Jewish, Christian (no specific denomination), Lutheran, Protestant, Seventh-Day Adventist, Baptist, Islamic, Non-Denominational

Numbers also paint the picture of dollars and cents. For the school year 2018-2019:

  • $1,854 average scholarship award per student
  • $4,594 average family contribution
  • $6,449 average tuition per student
  • $41,244 average family income

And although numbers are important, we are serving real people who are working to fund an education for their children that they believe will make a difference in their lives. Parents tell us they choose non-public schools because:

  • Their child needs a smaller class, more individual help or structure;
  • Their child is fearful or being bullied and cannot focus on learning;
  • Extra-curricular offerings or different learning styles are accommodated;
  • After school offerings enable them to work a full-time job;
  • The culture of the school supports their moral, ethical or religious beliefs;
  • There is a safe, nurturing atmosphere;
  • Expectations of the school mirror expectations and aspirations the parent has for their child;
  • Students have a better chance of getting into more selective Baltimore City Public High Schools or the private high school that is best for them.

And, the bottom line? For 20 years, data clearly illustrates that our scholars are succeeding in school and in life. Data from BERC (Baltimore Education Research Consortium) supports the fact that funding from CSFB doubles a low-income student’s chances of graduating from high school.

Tuition-assistance in K – 8th grade makes a TREMENDOUS impact on the lives of those we serve.

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