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With the start of the school year quickly approaching, your to-do list is probably long. There are school supplies to find, bus routes or carpools to figure out, new clothes to buy, lunches to plan…it all can feel a little overwhelming!

Here at CSFB, we want to make your transition into the new school year as easy as possible, so we’ve put together five tips to help get the year started right.

  1. Keep Track of Important Dates
    No matter what kind of calendar you use – phone, paper, computer – be sure to mark down all the school closings and half days so you’re never caught off guard. The calendar for the school year is usually available on the school’s website. If you know picture days or parent-teacher conference days, it’s good to mark those down as well.
  2. Start Your Routine Before the Year Starts
    With summer winding down, it can be helpful to wind down your later summer nights, too. Getting your children into their school bedtime routine prior to the start of the year can make the transition much smoother for everyone.
  3. Avoid Overscheduling
    It can be tempting to sign up for lots of after-school activities before the start of the year and in the first week. But beware of overloading your schedules! It will take a couple of weeks to get your routine completely figured out, so you won’t know where you have room to add activities right away. And going back to school after summer vacation can be overwhelming for your children – remember that they will need time to decompress!
  4. Start Forming Good Habits
    Mornings will be much easier on your whole family if you get in the habit of preparing as much as possible beforehand. Prep healthy snacks and lunch items on Sundays for the entire week, to prevent grabbing last-minute unhealthy foods. Pick out clothes the night before so you don’t have to rush in the morning.
  5. Form First Day Traditions
    Having special first day traditions can help your children feel excited about the transition to school. Your family could get a visit from the Back-to-School Fairy who leaves a special treat like a themed pencil case or cool erasers overnight before the first day of school.A first day of school dinner date can be a fun way to celebrate the start of a new school year. Celebrate at home by cooking or ordering your child’s favorite meal, don’t forget dessert, and maybe even get some balloons! Of course, you can’t forget the first day of school picture or video! Add a sign with the year, grade, and a couple of your child’s favorite things for an extra special.

Starting a new school year can be exciting, confusing, scary, or some other combination of feelings. We want our new and returning CSFB scholars to feel as comfortable and prepared as possible! Feel free to contact us with any questions about the CSFB program, and reach out to your chosen school with any questions for them. Good luck with the upcoming school year!

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