Love is

Defined by Miriam-Webster Dictionary, love is a “strong and constant affection” for someone. We often say that we love our parents, families, and at CSFB, our schools. But we are just observers of the schools our families choose for their children. We ensure the school receives tuition on behalf of the students they serve, but it is our Program Administrator, Joanne Sanders, who really demonstrates love for our CSFB families every day.  

Did you know that Mrs. Sanders…

Visits our schools at least once a year unannounced.
She does this to deliver tuition payments but also to observe – how she is treated, how visitors are screened and welcomed, what students are doing, and the interactions between administration and others in the office.

This has been difficult since COVID, but it is an important part of the work we do. Our organization is represented by the outcomes of our program, which are successful because of the education and guidance that these schools – chosen by our families – deliver to our families. Through her visits, Mrs. Sanders is demonstrating her love and care for each CSFB family.

She talks to parents who call looking for the right school for their child.
Sometimes taking that first step – or making that first phone call – for change is a challenge. Mrs. Sanders is there to answer the call of parents who are looking for education options for their children. She answers their questions and makes the process easier so that they can focus on finding the best fit for their child. She’s also there to answer the call from families who want to move their child from one school to another that is better suited to their needs.

She guides parents to programs that might serve their needs outside of education.
Mrs. Sanders understands that a well-rounded child has interests and needs beyond school. She’s a great resource for parents who call inquiring about programs and services that could benefit their children outside of school. Yet another example of how Mrs. Sanders goes above and beyond for our CSFB families.

I believe these human interactions are the most important demonstrations of love. Listening, caring, and patiently guiding others to resources that can be very difficult for Baltimore families to discover and access. Mrs. Sanders does all of this and more. 

CSFB and Mrs. Sanders are “strong and constant.” Our program is there for our families as they work with their children to achieve their goals and dreams of a better life that education can bring to individuals and our community.

– Beth Harbinson, Executive Director

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