A study published last week entitled The Achievement Checkup, funded by The Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice and conducted by Dr. Alex Schuh, examines the high school experience, graduation rates and post-secondary attendance rates of students in Baltimore who received K – 8th grade need-based scholarships from Children’s Scholarship Fund Baltimore to attend private school.

The conclusion of the study states in part:

“This study found that CSFB…scholarship recipients had indeed been highly successful in their post-elementary educational achievements. Nearly all CSFB alumni contacted had graduated from high school in four or fewer years after eight grade – 97 percent to be exact.”

The conclusion goes on to state:

“Enrollment in college – two-year and four-year post high school – was also very high at 84 percent five to ten years after eight grade. This college enrollment rate was much higher that the plus-five-year post-ninth grade college enrollment rate of 32 percent for students in Baltimore City Public Schools.”

I hope that you will take the time to read the report. CSFB is committed to continue to track our students as they move through high school and on to college.

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