Sharing A Passion

CSFB Board of Trustees consists of diverse group of individuals across Baltimore City, providing a wealth of experience and passion for our mission. Many of our trustees have supported CSFB for over ten years.

The Board meets quarterly, and works tirelessly to aid our strategic and fundraising objectives.

I support Children’s Scholarship Fund-Baltimore because it helps level the playing field for underprivileged schoolchildren. My children are fortunate to attend the school of their choice; all children in Baltimore should have that same opportunity. CSFB gets us there, one child at a time. ”
— Kate Rawson Powell, Board of Trustees

Elizabeth A. Green, Board
Sophia Marquez-Wallace, Board
Rick Corcoran, Board Secretary
Carville B. Collins, Board
Valerie Grays, Board
Renée Guckert, Board
Elizabeth Della Massing, Board
Matthew W. Wyskiel, Board Treasurer