Identifying A School

CSFB will provide scholarship funding to any registered school our parents choose.

Use the tool below to find out more about the schools our scholars currently attend. Selecting a school is important and we recommend that parents start the search by thinking about what they want a school to do for their child.

Ask These Questions of yourself, a trusted friend and someone who currently works with your child:

  • Does your child need a more or less structured environment?
  • Does your child need more challenging work?
  • Does your child need more individual attention?
  • Does your child generally need extra help or more time to complete an assignment?
  • Does your child have any special learning needs?
  • Does your child need an environment that fosters creativity?
  • Does your child need an English language acquisition program?
  • Does your child learn best by seeing, reading or listening?
  • Does your child like to learn through physical activity?
  • Is your child logical or mathematical?
  • Is your child musical or artistic?
  • Does your child like to learn in groups or work alone?
  • Does your child like to work alone?
  • How far are you willing to drive or have your child bused?
  • What are your needs for before or after-school care?

Perhaps most importantly, we recommend visiting schools you are considering to observe classes, ask your questions and perhaps even request a day or half day for your child to “shadow” in the classroom.