The Facts

Why This Works

There is a national crisis in education. Right now the chances that Baltimore low-income children will end up graduating from high school are the same as them ending up in jail. This is unacceptable. There are many potential solutions being discussed. Charter schools and public school reform movements are promising, but take time to implement. We need a solution for children in school today. CSFB is that solution. Instead of 50% dropping out of school, 97% are graduating. Students are taught discipline, ethics, and study habits that follow them throughout their lives. Parents are empowered to make decisions for their family – empowered to make a difference.

Private schools have empty seats, and with your help we can fill those seats today.

The Crisis

  • High school graduation rates of less than 70% for low-income Baltimore City students in public schools.
  • High school dropouts are 3 times more likely than college graduates to live below the poverty line, and 8 times more likely to serve time in jail.
  • In Baltimore, data from an independent study report a 97% high school graduation rate and an 84% college attendance rate for our scholars.

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Our Solution

  • Over 97% of our 8th grade scholarship students graduate from High School.
  • 100% of our parents are required to contribute to their children’s education – a key factor in our students’ success
  • There are hundreds of empty seats at private and parochial schools in Baltimore City. We can fill those seats today!
  • The ability to choose the best education for their children empowers parents, and fosters community engagement.
  • Continuous support through 8th grade provides stability for families and schools.
  • Increased enrollment supports schools and strengthens communities.

The Research

There is a wealth of information available on the current status of education and the impact quality education choices can have on a child’s life. Listed below are some links and downloads to the ones we find most compelling.