Give for generations to come by investing in education today!

CSFB is a 501(c) (3) organization supported by a wonderful community of committed donors, who are passionate about education. We currently provide over $500,000 in scholarships annually, funded by individuals and foundations around Baltimore City, including all of our Trustees. We would love the opportunity to include new faces in our community – the more we can raise, the more children we can support.

Each year CSFB is able to help hundreds of children afford a safe, quality education. However, each year there are hundreds of children we must turn away. The only thing holding these children back is lack of funding.

There are several ways to donate:


Donate online here.


Send us a check.

P.O. Box 5282  |  Baltimore, MD 21224


Wire or Stock Transfer.

Call us at 410-243-2510
for details.

Please be sure to include your contact information with your donation so that we can provide a receipt for you, and let you know the impact your gift has made for our families! 100% of your donation is tax deductible and goes directly to helping these children get the education they deserve. If you are interested in discussing a bequest or other planned gift, or would like to visit a school, please contact us for further details.

THANK YOU for taking the initiative and investing in Baltimore City students!

CSFB helps to level the playing field for low-income kids who want to become productive citizens – it fills a vital education need.

2020 – 2021 Donors

CSFB would like to thank our donors for helping give our kids a chance. We are grateful for every donation we receive from individuals, organizations, and businesses. If your name is missing, please contact us at

$100,000 – $50,000
Baltimore Next Generation
Investing Event
Children’s Scholarship Fund Clayton Baker Trust
The Davis Family Foundation
Lockhart Vaughan Fouantion Inc.
Middendorf Foundation, Inc.

$49,999 – $20,000
Allegis Group Foundation Stephen & Renee Bisciotti Foundation
Pat Campbell Fund
The Charles Crane Family Foundation
Jane Egenton Fund
The Samuel & Margaret Gorn Foundation, Inc.
Truist Foundation
The PNC Charitable Trust
Venable, LLP
Thomas Wilson Sanitarium for Children

$19,999 – $10,000
Aegon Transamerica Foundation
The Bunting Family Foundation – Fund A
Friends of Children’s Scholarship Fund Baltimore
The Huether-McClelland Foundation, Inc.
The Johns Hopkins Neighborhood Fund
Kate and David Powell
T. Rowe Price Associates Foundation

$9,999 – $5,000
The Alban Foundation
Bilson Charity Fund
Golfers’ Charitable Foundation
The Margaret A. and Robert S. Lawrence Jr. Charitable Gift Fund
The M&T Charitable Foundation
Otterbein-Calia Giving Account
Rob and Pam Sharps
John and Barbara Wakeman
Stephen Williams
Brad and Crickett Woloson
The Matthew & Christina Wyskiel Family Fund

$4,999 – $2,000
James and Gillian Athey
Tracy Bacigalupo
Carville and Mary Lou Collins
Rick Corcoran, Jr.
Rick and Karen Corcoran
(In Honor of Maeve, Charlotte, Andrew and Willa)
Mark and Aimee Fulchino
Sheldon and Carol Glusman Foundation
Goldseker Foundation
Elizabeth Green
John (Wes) Guckert
Stephen and Judith Haines Account at Schwab Charitable
Anne Baetjer Jenkins
Kelso Bishop Family Foundation
Jake and Jennifer Martin Fund
John and Susan Powell
Larry and Sandy Puglia
John Sandbower, III
(In Memory of Nancy Sandbower)
D. William and Pamela Schlott
Carl and Debra Schwartz
Dan and Krissie Verbic
WP Carey Foundation

$1,999 – $500
Roy Adkins
The Preston G. and Nancy M. Athey Fund
William C. Baker
Baum Foundation
Matthew Baum Donor Advised Fund
Sean and Constance Bennett
Berrier Family Fund
Brown Capital Management LLC
Tim and Lloyd Burdette
The Ann & Frank Cahouet Foundation
Renee Guckert Carter
Paul Centenari
John and Holly Chabbott
David and Allison Clapp
John Colston
Cooper Family Fund
(In Honor of Robert Hopkins)
The Stewart B. Eckers Charitable Trust
Michael and Linda Edidin
John Egger
The W. Kyle and Paula H. Gore Charitable Fund
Scott and Beth Harbinson
Dr. Barry and Susan Hart
Robert and Jenny Hopkins
Kent Family Foundation
Brooks and Denise Kitchel
Colleen Klein
Ernie and Donna Kovacs
Liebmann Fund
Sophia Marquez and Reshawn Strong
Elizabeth Massing
Ann Teaff and Donald P. McPherson III
Elizabeth Moser
Paul Novak
Schaefer Family Gift Fund
Margot Shriver Fund
Pamela S. Schutz
Ralph Smith
Jules and Caren Szanton
Mark and Shelly Terranova
Jim Wade and Alisa Rock
Kwame Webb

$499 – $100
Anne Bannon
Kelly and Steve Bellone
Benevity Fund
Susan Lynn Brinkley
E.J. and Barbara Brody
Kenneth and Marjorie Brown
Kevin and Heather Buerger
Virginia T. Campbell Charitable Gift Fund
Reid and Danielle Capalino
Sheldon and Jamie Caplis
Alexander Carey
James and Pat Case
Robert and Kimberly Cashman
John and Cynthia Cavanaugh
Michael and Mary Davis
(In Honor of Susan Austin Baetjer)

Delaplaine and Wilson Fund
Chris and Peter Espenshade
Ferraro Family Charitable Gift Fund
Henry and Debbie Franklin
Douglas and Elizabeth Furlong
Valerie Grays
(In Memory of Thomas L. Grays who owned Tom’s Barber Shop on Federal St. in East Baltimore and was honored with the naming of the street where his shop is located in 2013.)

Dixon and Janet Harvey, Jr.
Scott and Deborah Heacock
Richard and Margaret Himelfarb
Joseph and Betsey Hobelmann
Dr. Allan and Claire Jensen Rudolph Johnson
The Joshua Fund
(In Honor of Kate Powell)
The Maggie and Bruce Kennedy Fund
Ida Kemp & William M. Passano Foundation
Stacy Landsman
Eaton Lattman
Mark Maloney
Thibault and Lola Manekin
Mayer Warner Martin
Joyce and Hugh McCormick Charitable Fund
Sayra and Neil Meyerhoff
Mary Page Michel
Eric and Diane Orlinsky
Mary-Ann and Wally Pinkard Fund
Plymouth Rock Assurance Foundation
Dr. Albert Polito and Redonda Miller
Chris and Liz Pope
John M. Prugh
George Rose and Judith Robertson
Jamilla Sams
Peter and Judith Van Dyke
Lara N. Vaughan
Samuel and Esther Wealcatch
Huntington and Debra Williams
Georgina Winthrop

Michele Alston
Amazon Smile
Matt and Emily Barczak
Buffy Beaudoin-Schwartz & Howard Schwartz
Alexander Carey
Alastair MacRae Collie and Michael Collie
Tia Bunch
Scott Burleigh
Anthony and Delia Chiaramonte, III
Rebecca Ezra
Daniel and Chaya Greenwald
Etan and Kayla Gross
Rabbi & Mrs. Moshe Hauer
Davod and Ahuvah Heyman
LeeAnn Hoerr
William Hopkinson
Sara Jaffee
Patrick and Ellen Jarosinski
Ms. Paige H. Lull
Naftoli Novice
Dr. Paul and Beulah Sabundayo
Wade and Joanne Sanders
Rabbi Daniel and Ruchoma Skurnik
Leigh Smith
Isadore and Rochel Strauss
Eli and Ronnie Schlossberg
Matthew Whitmer
Louisa Wyskiel