K-8th Grade Scholarships

CSFB accepts all siblings in each family, keeping families supported together.

CSFB scholarships are awarded by lottery. Qualified Baltimore City families are selected at random and scholarships are awarded based on financial need. The amount of the award is based on household size and income; they usually cover 25%-75% of a school’s tuition, up to $2,000 per student per year.

Thank you for helping us send our daughter to this school. We could never have done it our own. There are so many families like mine. God bless you, CSFB!”
— Jacqui, a CSFB parent

We focus on scholarships because they work. An independent study of programs just like ours across the country concluded that the academic performance of students improves in just one year, and showed that the high school graduation rates are over 98%. The results of our program demonstrate the ongoing effectiveness of our approach. This year, 76% of our graduates will attend private high schools and have been awarded scholarships. Program graduates going back to public schools enroll in High Schools with top test scores and excellent parent ratings. 97% of our graduates are attending, and graduating from high schools.

My elementary school years contributed greatly to my high school education. It prepared me academically and mentally for a demanding workload in high school.”
— Ora, a CSFB Alumni