CSFB’s FY 2020 Annual Report

It has truly been “A year like no other.” That is also the theme of this year’s Children’s Scholarship Fund Baltimore Annual Report. CSFB schools and families have faced unprecedented shifts and challenges this year due to COVID-19. In spite of it all, our students, parents, and schools persevered.

The year was, in the words of Executive Director Beth Harbinson, “both heartbreaking and heartwarming…the pandemic brought into sharper focus the impact of poverty on the daily lives of our families. While most of us struggled to settle students in front of devices and create more roust learning spaces in our homes while also working ourselves, CSFB families were faced with a much different situation.” She goes on to share information about Baltimore’s digital divide.

In spite of it all, CSFB provided tuition assistance to 275 students, and we saw our partner schools respond in ways that acknowledged the reality of the situations their student face at home. CSFB solicited donations of PCs, laptops, printers and supplies from our donors and helped distribute them to families in need.

Thank you to all of those donors, to our board, families, schools, students and staff, for your continued support. Read our annual report to find out more.

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