Our students may be a buzz with end-of-year summer excitement, but at CSFB we are focused on the academic needs of our current and future scholars. Each year our program supports hundreds of students in a wide variety of schools, making school choice possible for families that otherwise couldn’t afford it. To do this, we rely heavily on the generosity and support of our donors. This month we’re kicking off our #JuneJumpstart Scholarship Fundraising Campaign by sharing how, exactly, your donation makes an impact in the lives of CSFB students, families, and communities.

Higher Graduation Rates

In Baltimore, data from an independent study conducted with funding from The Friedman Foundation measures high school graduation rates and college attendance rates of CSFB scholars. A few of the statistical highlights include a 97% high school graduation rate and an 84% college attendance rate. Impressive statistics, especially when you consider that high school graduation rates are at less than 70% for low-income Baltimore City students in public schools.


Continuous support through 8th grade provides stability for families and schools. At CSFB we are committed to becoming long-term partners with our families. In addition to providing the continuity of kindergarten-through-8th-grade education funding, CSFB empowers families by offering a choice of schools as well as scholarships to all siblings, keeping families together.


While our scholarships are awarded based on a family’s need – not grades or test scores – 100% of our families are required to contribute to their children’s education. This is a key factor in our students’ success. Not only does it give the student and family ownership in their education but it helps foster the partnership CSFB forms with the families in our program.

Strengthens Communities

There are hundreds of empty seats at private and public schools throughout the city. CSFB works with local schools to increase enrollment, in turn helping to strengthen their neighborhoods and communities. Currently, CSFB scholarship children attend schools in almost every Baltimore City zip code.

Since 1998, Children’s Scholarship Fund and its partner programs have changed the lives of almost 166,000 children across the United States. At CSFBaltimore, we’re committed to helping children afford a safe, quality education. Please consider donating to our scholarship fund and help us continue to make an impact in the lives of children and our communities.

– Beth Harbinson, Executive Director

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