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Senate Budget & Taxation Committee to Hear Nonpublic Schools Bill Wednesday

Background on Legislation:

The Maryland Education Credit provides companies and individual businesses a 60% tax credit on donations to nonprofit Student Assistance Organizations. Those organizations in turn provide financial assistance for student expenses such as tuition, supplies, tutoring, transportation and special needs services. A business entity who donates may receive a credit of up to $200,000.

The passage of the Maryland Education Credit in the legislature would help lower-income families – from BOTH public and nonpublic schools – afford tuition and other educational expenses for their children. It would give kids the opportunity to attend schools which best suit their needs.

Did you know?

The Maryland Education Credit will allow up to $15 million a year toward business tax credits. Sixty percent of tax credits will be available for assistance to nonpublic school students – but the remaining 40% will be available for students attending public schools.

Another thing to know:

Business donations will help all of Maryland’s children, whether they attend a public or nonpublic school. The donations will provide financial assistance for academic tutoring, books, supplies, technology, tuition assistance and special needs services, affording students the ability to continue to attend the schools which best suit their needs.

Here’s one last thing to know:

Low-income children receive first priority for financial assistance.


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Tell them this bill is important for all schools and all kids. The passage would give students the opportunity to attend the schools which best suit their needs.

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