Last Sunday morning, January 25th, CSFB board member Marta Mossburg joined Fox 45 Baltimore to talk about National School Choice Week and the Children’s Scholarship Fund Baltimore’s School Choice Event happening Thursday, January 29th.

Marta Mossburg csfb fox 45

What is National School Choice Week? It’s a week at the end of January designated to celebrate School Choice throughout the country. The week embraces all types of educational choices that parents can make for their children – traditional public schools, public charter schools, private schools and home schooling.

Marta Mossburg csfb fox 45

What does it do for education? School choice is great in the sense that it helps families find the best fit for their child. One thing that School Choice does is strengthen communities. It allows families to choose a school that is in their neighborhood so people aren’t moving out of the city–they’re staying in the city vs. moving to the counties.

Learn more about school choice here.

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