As Children’s Scholarship Fund Baltimore celebrates its silver anniversary and 25 years of providing scholarships to low-income students in Baltimore City for the private school of their choice, we have exciting and impactful news!

Starting this 2023-2024 school year, we have increased the individual scholarship cap amount from $2,000 to $2,500. We feel so fortunate to offer this additional allotment to our CSFB families!

It has always been part of CSFB’s strategic plan and vision to increase the scholarship amount and, thanks to generous donors and a roadmap for successful fundraising, we can now provide more financial support to our exceptional scholars.

According to The Private School Review, the annual average private school tuition in Baltimore City is $12,777. The average tuition of schools chosen by CSFB scholars is $9,534. Since 1988, annual tuition increases have ranged from 2.6 to more than 4 percent, outpacing inflation and many parents’ salaries.

The scholarship increase will allow our families to remain financially viable and choose the school they believe is best for their child.

Scholarship recipients must continue to maintain a 90% school attendance rate, and families must contribute at least $500 toward tuition.

CSFB remains committed to becoming long-term partners with our families. In addition to providing the continuity of kindergarten through 8th-grade education funding, CSFB empowers families by offering choice, keeping families together, and keeping scholarships in place through eighth grade for qualified families.

We wish our families, schools, and scholars a happy, healthy, and successful school year!


Erica Jensen
Executive Director

Children’s Scholarship Fund Baltimore

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