Over our 22 years serving parents who want to send their children to non-public schools, a few have chosen to homeschool. And since this segment represents less than 2 percent of our students in any given year, I have not focused on it much in conversations or in writing. COVID was for many, a big “home school” kind of experience and in his book, Hybrid Homeschooling, author Mike McShane explores the topic in depth.

In this review, Michael Horn writes “McShane argues that families choose hybrid homeschooling for four primary reasons: the gift of time, personalization, being involved together in education, and mental health.” And personalization and mental health are primary reasons many parents site for considering non-public schools.

As many school systems across the state and the nation struggle with issues and decisions related to returning to in-person learning, offering virtual classes, or considering a hybrid approach, this book offers insights as to why many parents might want to consider homeschooling. Many of the issues discussed mirror the conversations our school systems, organizations, and districts are having.

My hope is that our country takes a step back to consider the lessons learned from the successes, struggles, and failures of the last year and consider these as changes are made systemically. If our schools ask candid questions and evaluate the answers, might we come away with schools that offer greater choice in classroom structure, in learning styles and offer parents a broader offering of choice?  

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– Beth Harbinson, Executive Director

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