Hopes and Dreams

We recently reached out to some of our CSFB alumni scholars who are in high school to learn about their future plans, hopes, and dreams. Here are just a few of the responses we received.

“My dream is to work in the field of Neuroscience. I want to be in the labs discovering new things and being able to help people with my discoveries. I also want to study how music affects the brain. I have been singing since I was 2 years old, and singing is a huge part of my upbringing and identity. My dream is to attend the University of Kentucky. I also know that there are not a lot of brown women in the field of Neuroscience so if I could be a face of comfort and familiarity to someone I treat, that would be an amazing feeling.”
— La’Mya, Friends School

“In all honesty, I just wish to be financially stable. I have my eye on Texas A&M and Morgan State for college where I plan to major in Mechanical Engineering. I also have been looking at trade schools and apprenticeships to be an electrician. I have my sights set on those careers because I am good with my hands and I oddly enjoy physical labor.”
— TiYon, Father Charles Hall, former CSFB student at Holy Angels Catholic School

“My dream is to attend Morehouse. I’m not sure what career I want to pursue yet but I am considering civil engineering and graphic design as my top choices.”
— Sean, Boys’ Latin, former CSFB student at St. Frances of Assisi 

“I haven’t started looking into colleges yet. I am presently in the 10th grade and want to consider a career in Information Technology or Law.”
— Sheldon, Carroll Christian School, former CSFB student at Our Lady of Victory

These student responses are aspirational and inspired. They represent the possibility. Possibility that was created by the students themselves, with the help of the schools they attend. 

In telling us how their CSFB school helped these students prepare for high school and for their futures, they told us of challenge, self-reliance, preparation, growth, motivation, and persistence. I believe that this is what school choice fosters and what our donors fund – opportunities for students to find themselves and create possibilities that inspire. And I can’t wait to see what the future holds for each of them.

As we come to the end of the school year, I want to thank our donors for supporting CSFB students and the visions they create for themselves. Our alumni have the opportunity to manifest their hopes and dreams because of your support!

– Beth Harbinson, Executive Director

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