Response to COVID-19

Understanding the difficult situations COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic may cause to CSFB families, Executive Director Beth Harbinson shares some thoughts that may help you through this hardship.

Dear Parents,

Spring is a wonderful time for students to enjoy a break from school and, this year, it has come with significant challenges —specifically extended school closures until at least March 27th. I cannot fathom how challenging this will be for many of you. Where both parents and/or single parents, must go to work AND for those parents facing unforeseen lost hours if their worksites are closed.

The only advice I will give is to reach out. During a very difficult time in my personal life, I turned inward and did not share my hardship and struggle with anyone. That was a huge mistake because once my friends and community learned what was going on, I had support which was life-changing for me.

Call a trusted neighbor, friend, family member or the parent of a child your child likes at school. Could you arrange to swap childcare for a day? In my community, several of us are cooking large pots of soup and leaving containers for our elderly neighbors who cannot leave the house or fear going out to shop. This is a wonderful lesson for our children to see as well. And get outside! We are so lucky to have parks and paths within walking distance from many of our homes but if not, Patterson Park, Druid Hill Park, and Lake Clifton Park are only a short trip for most.

I am posting this article from Time Magazine about some strategies and ideas for this unanticipated time off — hopefully, some of these suggestions will help in the weeks ahead as well.

Stay healthy and safe,


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