Apps for teachers

As a teacher, you’re already juggling managing student behavior, creating interesting lesson plans and facilitating collaboration among students. Here are some apps to save you time and enhance your classroom experience.

Dropbox: If you regularly use large files or your students need to give presentations but you don’t want to waste time having them use their own memory stick, Dropbox is your solution. Have students send their presentation files, essays or any other files to dropbox instead of having them emailed to you separately. For group projects, have students create their own dropbox account(s). Learn more using dropbox in the classroom here.

Google Drive: Another great tool for collaboration, google drive allows you to share a document and work on it simultaneously. This could also be useful for group projects. Learn more about Google Drive for the classroom here.

Educreations: This app allows teachers to turn their ipad into a recordable whiteboard. The videos can be uploaded and shared to multiple platforms. This is a great idea for subjects where students may need a second look at a concept while studying or doing homework. Educreations is free on the itunes app store.

Class Dojo: A positive reinforcement tool that helps manage student behavior, Class Dojo allows students to create their own avatar and earn points depending on the categories you set up. These categories might be participation, helping others, staying on task or anything else you think is important for students to work on.

Prezi: With Prezi, it’s easy to create interesting and engaging presentations that will hold your students’ attention. Learn more about using Prezi in the classroom here.

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