Why School Choice?

Why School Choice?

School choice – it is what I have as a parent who moved to a zip code with exceptional public schools. School choice – it is what parents with the financial means to send their child to any school they choose has.  School choice is a social justice issue that is denied to parents who live in poorly performing zip codes or who cannot afford the school they believe will educate their child best.

And, perhaps most importantly, parents who are given the opportunity to send their child to the school they choose are seeing the results that matter. In Baltimore, a recently released study conducted with funding from The Friedman Foundation found that alumni of our scholarship program (for K – 8th grade students) have a 98% high school graduation rate and a 93% college graduation rate.

This result comes from a modest investment of up to $2,000 per student per year, the student attending school at least 90% of the time and the parent choosing the school that is best. Simple. Effective.

Sometimes simple works. Learn more about CSFB’s impact and why school choice works!



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