Impact Students in Need

For children in low-income areas where school districts are not able to provide a good environment for learning, need based scholarships, like those given by Children’s Scholarship Fund Baltimore (CSFB), can really change the trajectory of a student’s life. By giving to CSFB you’re contributing to the future success of our scholars and their families.

Impact Your Community

Did you know that high school dropouts are three times more likely to live below the poverty line, and eight time more likely to serve time in jail? What begins as an education for one benefits many. When you give to Children’s Scholarship Fund Baltimore you’re not just impacting students, you’re impacting their families, their communities, surrounding communities, and more.

Grow the Local Economy

When members of the community succeed, communities thrive and economies grow. Schools are businesses in our community.  They patronize local restaurants, other businesses and represent the kind of industry that others want to be around.  Studies show that they also serve to attract and retain residents.  Help Baltimore THRIVE!

It Works

Demonstrated by studies in Baltimore, San Francisco Bay Area, Charlotte, Denver and Philadelphia, students who use need based scholarships to attend the school of their choice, like those given by Children’s Scholarhip Fund (CSF), are more likely to graduate than their public school peers.

A recent study by the Friedman Foundation titled, “The Achievement Checkup,” examined the high school experience, graduation rates and post-secondary attendance rates of students in Baltimore who received K – 8th grade need-based scholarships from Children’s Scholarship Fund Baltimore to attend the private school of their choice. The study revealed that recipients were graduating high school at a rate of 97 percent—a much higher rate than their peers in Baltimore public schools (between 40 and 60 percent), and a higher rate than students across Maryland (84 percent on average).


Beyond the findings of “The Achievement Checkup,” CSFB alumni are living proof that need based scholarships make a difference. One CSFB alumni, ju’waun Morgan, attributes much of his academic success to being able to attend private school through 8th grade.

“I lived in a failing school district and my mother chose for me to attended a catholic school to have a chance at a better education and safe school environment.  Not knowing how it would be financed, she reached out to CSFB.  After qualifying, she was able to make the tuition payment.  This has made a big difference in my life…(read more).”

CSFB needs your help. We’re still $16,233 away from our annual goal but with your donation, we can secure scholarship funding for 275 students next year. Donate now!


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